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Hi, I'm looking for some info regarding klipdrift dams depth (a contour map would be ideal but I'll be happy just finding out where the deep water is and drop offs, and significant 'bumps', gullies and depressions


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Plenty of people say that the dam is very shallow in general, gently shelving away from the sides up to a max depth of about 5m at the damwall. Proper dropoffs etc will be scarce but Schalk van Breda said in one of his DVDs that on the shallow flats, there is often small depressions thats about 1ft deeper than the surrounding areas and the fish tend to favour these 'holes'...

My logic says to casts in different areas untill u find a sweet spot but also kolgooi should eventually bring the fish in to the feeding spot. Also I would suggest if u walk in to knee or waist deep and then cast then u should be in with a chance of reaching the fish.

So ja to conclude I have also unsuccessfully searched for a contour map but I dont think u will find typical dam topography, having a rather featureless bottom for the most part, and secondly just adapt your approach. (There will be more qualified people to explain in better detail how)