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 Posted: Wed Mar 14th, 2018 05:49 pm
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Hi, Can someone in the know please advise of a tried and tested way of keeping bloodwurm for extended periods. I often only use half of what I got and the rest goes back to the water.


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 Posted: Thu Mar 15th, 2018 02:39 am
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If you throw it away to the sea, you are just wasting it.

See the link to the "SEARCH" function on this site, its a vast search and will give you loads of history.

Salt (coarse) your worm and lay them out on damp newspaper (torn into strips) pack/roll the newspaper over the salted worm and wrap it up.

There is a train of thought that bleeding the worm prior to freezing gives better results...try it!?



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 Posted: Thu Mar 15th, 2018 12:18 pm
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Bleeding them is a must.
Salting and wrapping them in newspaper works.
A friend of mine salts them heavily and pops them in an old margarine tub just like that, works ok.

Best method in my opinion is dissolve salt in a jar of sea water, keep adding until the salt cannot dissolve anymore. Then just pop your bled worms in and freeze. I've caught good fish with this, and the worms still look pretty good / fresh once defrosted and ready to rig on your hook. Works very well with Wonder worm too, and even prawns believe it or not.

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 Posted: Fri Mar 16th, 2018 02:30 pm
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Indeed - I always pickle my prawns in brine and keep in fridge or freezer.  Lasts for many months this way.  Only issue is your fingers get very sore after a few sessions as the super saturated salt liquid is very corrosive on everything, skin included.

For Wonderworm, just pack it in coarse salt and into fridge, water not needed.  Think you can do the same with white mussel too.

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