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 Posted: Sun Aug 8th, 2010 07:40 pm
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Hiya Aqua,

Have to agree with Enigma on the Grey Shark. 1/10 go like a bullet, but the other 9 are bad and dirty swimmers.

Talking about large Bull Mullets, myself and Mango put two out about three weeks back with great results. Both were well over 1kg and took about 200m of line out on heavy setups. 400lb steel, 12/0 hooks, 2m 200lb steel, 9m 1.7mm leader and 0.60 mono on the reel.

We had them out for about two hours before they tangled with each other. When we got them back in both were still alive and strong!

I like swimming out Smooth Hounds, these buggers are tough, take a while to recover after you land, pin and send them off...when they get going they swim well. Down side is that they also dive for cover!

I have not swam a large Hammer, all mine have been under 5kg, but I also find them to be soft and drown quickly. Will try and handle them better and see if it makes a difference.

Best swimbaits are flat fish...they go for hours without any problem and I have never had a single one die. Only problem is that they hug the bottom and WILL snagg you up on everything out there.

Don't be put off by them swimming skew, they have to find the best spot to get over the outer banks and normally they do. Once behind the bank you want the bait to swim left to right and right to left about 200 - 300m out...Strike Zone!

I work the swimbait on fee spool keeping the line straight so that the swells and shore break does not place to much loop on the line adding drag. Once behind the shore break I still keep the reel on free spool, but put the clicker on.

Once about 200 - 300m I put the drag on so that the bait would have to pull to get some line. This forces the swim pattern from side o side and covers more ground looking for Mr Toothy!