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 Posted: Sat Aug 7th, 2010 10:41 pm
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I find pulling it back toward you or at times freespooling it will get it changing direction.

unfortunately current and then of course available shelter "Reefs" will look attractive to a pinned bait as it's a place for it to hid and always a place for it to get away.

If you're going to swim a shark the best is to go overkill with the tackle used to catch it, crank it and if possible don't even remove from the water before pinning it as a swimbait

Have used many 5-8kg Grey's and Hammers and never had one die on me (unless chowed) always had opportunity to release them with a small tear in the dorsal if not taken by a big toothy critter

Best swimbaits by far remain Pompano / Garrick and Big Bull Mullet, swim far and keep high in the water.

I find a hammer to be a better bait than a grey as it swims higher in the water, swims fater and stronger and takes way longer to tire.