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 Posted: Thu Jun 17th, 2010 01:24 pm
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most guys now my views on this faset of our sport, but if you want to do it any way make sure your tackle is up to scratch, to get a bait to swim properly from a beach you need it to be strong enough to drag your terminal tackle out through a shore break and beyond the backline, so dont use a 2kg milky on a 10m 400lb steel trace, you will drown your bait! on the other side of the coin dont use  a 50kg diamond as bait when your only reel is a 20/40! the minimun size reel i would recomend is a tn 50 or larger, i know large sharks have been landed on smaller reels but that is not the norm and those guys will not tel how many times they got smashed up before they landed one.

your main line should not be less then .60mm and you should have at least 1000meters on the reel, remember you are going to let the bait out at least 250m, with the bow in the line you can count on about 300m of line out, when you get a pic up you need to feed the fish before you set the hooks, so lets say another 100meters? now you only have 600meters left to play the 200kg + fish you have just hooked! unless it is a 80kg Zambie that has tried to make a pig of himself when he chomped your diamond you have got problems, i would use a 20/o circle on 3meters of 400lb steel with a 2mm windon as terminal tackle for swimbaits bigger then 15kgs for smaller baits i would use a 1.5mm wind on and 2 meters of 400lb piano wire(less drag in the water).

Ps. if you are swimming baits in the western cape you are going to wind up in trouble sooner then later...