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 Posted: Sat Jun 13th, 2020 07:55 am
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On Thursday morning this week I did my normal morning spinning starting just before first light at East Moor beach, from the parking I went off to the south first,a few minutes into my walk I saw the green lights of a drone out at sea in the distance, I looked around for the anglers on the beach but saw no one. I could only just see a bait dangling below so I knew there was an angler somewhere. I carried on spinning as I walked along, eventually I saw two guys on their lawn at one of the houses, the drone had blown north due to the SW that was blowing. So the two anglers were at least 200 meters from the sea, their drone was way north of them and they dropped their bait. Needless to say I had already cast my spoon again and ended up over their line and wrapped around it. I lost my spoon and about 30 meters of 15lb braid due to being burnt off on what looked like 100+lb braid. People walking on the beach were walking into their line stretched across the beach at about a meter off the ground. So to those two arseholes well done I hope you caught sh!t !!

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