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 Posted: Sat Mar 29th, 2014 09:27 am
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I've tried the bucket method for crab before. Only problem I had with it was that the sand fills up the bucket if the wind blows strong. Other ways I know of getting them is by putting a iron or steel rod wedged in the sand where the shalow water is round ankle depth. Then tie a long piece of nylon with sardine to the end. Sinker should be added to keep bait at bottom. Then one goes and sits down and return a few minutes later (scoop net may be used) and as you approach the stock you have a good idea where the bait would be and will be easy to spot the crabs feasting on the sardine. They excellent bait for the bigger steenbras.

Hi Pirate, I will give your method a bash - thanks for the info. I have never fished with Ghost crab. I am going to St Lucia at the end of July _ maybe the Ghost will give me a Stumpie or Pompano?